2nd Transnational Project Meeting

On November 9, the PHILIP partners met in Karditsa, Greece, for the second consortium meeting of the project hosted by E-school. All partners attended the meeting, those who could not attend live participated remotely.

During the meeting, the developments related to management, implementation and dissemination, were summarized and addressed.

Regarding the project results, each partner shared the national findings from the country analyses (1st project result). The latter consists of:

  1. Quantitative research among pupils 11-15 years old, aimed at identifying the situation of health literacy level among pupils in each partner country.
  2. Qualitative research involving relevant stakeholders, aimed at analyzing the state of art concerning health literacy among children as well as the potential and restrictions to increasing it.
  3. Country research report including the main results of both researches at national level.

A transnational report is currently being prepared by the Lead Partner of this Activity, TUCEP, which shall gather and compare all findings made at national scales. The report will be available in English and in each partner national language.

Thanks to the first findings made, partners have been able to identify trends and needs to be covered within the next project activity: the creation of a Teacher´s book (2nd project result). Under the supervision of the Lead Partner INWN, representatives of organizations have planned together the organization of the next tasks, notably the definition of a structure and guidelines for a methodic approach.

Group pictures of representatives in Karditsa, Greece.