Project Result 2: The Teachers´Book

The second result of the PHILIP project is the Teachers’ Book, which is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for teachers and educators who interact with students on a daily basis. These teachers will also be conducting training sessions during the later stages of the project.

The Teachers’ Book is divided into three parts, which provide a wealth of information and resources to support health literacy education.

The first part of the book focuses on theory, providing basic information on health and health literacy, as well as innovative ideas for educating students. This section includes theoretical knowledge of health literacy, experiential pedagogy, and practical examples that can be used in the classroom. It fills gaps in the teachers’ knowledge on the issue and equips them with the necessary information to communicate health-related topics effectively.

The second part of the book proposes innovative ways of educating students in the area of health, with a focus on engaging and exciting methods of conveying information. Rather than relying solely on traditional theory-based lectures, this section suggests interactive and fun ways to share information with students. It also includes suggestions for sharing the information with pupils, showing fun and interactive ways of learning.

The final part of the book provides practical examples of the innovative teaching methods presented in the previous section. It offers scenarios of training sessions and games/activities that can be used in the classroom, either in their original form or adjusted to suit the particular needs of the group. It also includes practical examples and ideas for class exercises to help teachers communicate the topic with the students in an approachable way.

The leading organization responsible for the development of the Teachers’ Book is the Lithuanian partner Inovaciju Tinklas. The project partners have divided the tasks and sections of the book according to their expertise and experience.

The book will be available in English and all partners’ national languages and will be tested by at least 18 teachers from each of the involved schools in each partnership country.

Teachers‘ book in English

Teachers‘ book in Greek
Teachers‘ book in Italian
Teachers‘ book in Spanish

Teachers‘ book in Czech